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Advanced Master Set Bundle with Free Foam Organizers

Advanced Master Set Bundle with Free Foam Organizers

Part No. D096001-FO
    This master set is a great way to start building your tool collection. Start your career right with a collection of tools from the same brand, in a modern design and backed by a lifetime warranty.

    Bundle Includes:
    •369 tools
    •42 Roller Cabinet (Part No. D069203)
    •9 FREE foam organizers for all tools.

    Advanced Master Set Tool Content:
    Sockets and accessories: 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 Drive, Regular & Deep, 6 point, SAE & metric; Wrenches: SAE & metric combination and ratcheting wrenches; Hammers: mallet, claw, ball pein, club & soft face; Hex Keys: SAE & Metric; Pliers: linesman, diagonal cutting, long nose, bent nose, slip joint, locking, aviation snips; Punches & Chisels: cold chisels, centre punches, drift punches, pin punches; Screwdrivers: Slotted, Phillips®, Torx®, square recess, precision, screwdriver bits and holder, offset, circuit tester, SAE & metric nut drivers; Adjustable wrenches: 8” & 10”. Consists of Part Nos. D096001-FT1T, D096001-FT2T, D096001-FT3T, D096001-FT4T, D096001-FT5T, D096001-FT6T, D096001-FT7T, D096001-FT8T & D096001-FT9T.

    Work more efficiently by keeping your tools organized
    •Find the tool you need fast
    •Keep tools from rolling and sliding inside drawer
    •Identify missing tools
    •Protect your tools from damage

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