b'D06930736Roller CabinetD069306- 8 Drawers - Safety Latches 28Roller CabinetCapacity:9,821 cubic in. - 10 DrawersLoad capacity per drawer (top 2) is 66 lbs - Safety Latches Load capacity per drawer (bottom 6) is 88 lbsCapacity:10,845 cubic in. Net weight:195 lbsLoad capacity per drawer36" (w) x 18" (d) x 39 1/4" (h)(Overall with casters) (top 4) is 66 lbsList Price:$ 2,604.89Load capacity per drawer $1,562. 99 (bottom 6) is 88 lbs Net weight:163 lbs 28(w) x 18(d) x 43 1/4(h) (Overall with casters)List Price:$ 1,931.47$1,158. 99Accessories not includedD06930442Top Chest D069303 - 8 Drawers - Safety Latches42Roller Cabinet - 12 Drawers - Safety LatchesCapacity:7,831 cubic in. Capacity:13,378 cubic in.Load capacity per drawer is 88 lbs Load capacity per drawer is 88 lbsNet weight:129 lbs 42(w) x 18(d) x 18(h) Net weight:231 lbs List Price:$1,593.29 42(w) x 18(d) x 41(h)(Overall with casters)List Price:$2,010.37 $955. 99$1,206. 99D06931371Roller CabinetScan to-17 Drawers - Safety Latches Watch Video Capacity:26,432 cubic in. Load capacity per drawer (top left) is 176 lbs Load capacity per drawer is 88 lbs Net weight:560 lbs 71(w) x 24(d) x 41(h)(Overall with casters)List Price:$6,056.56$3,639. 99'