125 Piece Auto Mechanics Master Set

Part No. D096004-FO

An ideal toolkit for the aspiring auto mechanic, or those moving to the next step in their career. Most tools are backed by a worry-free lifetime warranty.

Bundle Includes:

  • 124 tools
  • 28 Roller Cabinet (Part No. D069201)
  • 5 FREE foam organizers for all tools

Auto Mechanic Set Tool Content:

Sockets and accessories: 1/4, 3/8, Regular, 6 point, SAE & metric; Wrenches: SAE & metric combination wrenches; 3/8 Torque Wrench; Screwdrivers: slotted, Phillips®, Punches and Chisels: pin punches, centre punch, cold chisels, Hex keys: SAE and metric, Pliers: locking, linesman, diagonal cutting, long nose, groove joint, Hammers: ball pein, dead blow, 12 Hack Saw. Consists of Part Nos.D096004-FT1T, D096004-FT2T, D096004-FT3T, D096004-FT4TD096004-FT5T

Work more efficiently by keeping your tools organized

  • Find the tool you need fast
  • Keep tools from rolling and sliding inside drawer
  • Identify missing tools
  • Protect your tools from damage


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